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We are a certified HeadMapping® Salon. 
Our colorists and stylists are not only equipped with extensive knowledge, but inspiration from around the globe… education, experience and the patented HeadMapping® system – teamed with Aveda® professional hair color – ensure you will receive consistent, favorable results each and every time… to accent, enhance, enrich and enliven.

The Hair Color Consultation

As a HeadMapping® salon, consulting with our guest prior to a first time color is one of the most important steps in our process. We will listen and advise to determine correct procedures and a plan of action. During the consultation, images and pictures may be viewed to better understand the desired look, ensuring you leave our salon looking and feeling gorgeous

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Aveda Hair Color

Experience beautiful results from Aveda, with up to 99% naturally derived color and a signature blend of protective plant oils infusing the hair with amazing shine for essentially damage free results. Your new Aveda color will be full of shine and you will leave our salon feeling amazing.

If you you want vibrant, fade-resistant color then the Aveda full spectrum hair color has got you covered. Detlev can help you find a hair color that looks best on you, book your appointment at our Miami Salon.

Ombre Hair & Balayage

Ombre hair is darker at the roots which graduates lighter towards the ends of your hair and continues to be a very popular hair color choice for women, any shade of skin tone can wear this soft shade.

Ombre hair color is trendy and stylish, talk to your stylist for the perfect color choices especially for you. A more subtle version of the ombre hair is called the sombre. The transition from dark to light is blurred for a softer less obvious look.

The ombre look can also be achieved with balayage, a color sweeping technique. Using a brush, color or lightener is applied in a less precise manner than foils. The result can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like.

Talk to your hair color stylist about the look you want and ask which technique is best for you.

Full Head Color

Having a full head of hair color can totally transform your look and make you feel amazing. Our professional hair color stylists at Detlev Salon will advise you on the perfect hair color choice to suit your skin tone and your personality. Stand out from the crowd with an all over hair color application tailor made for you.

A full head color, or single process color, can have several other benefits as well. They add a healthy shine to the hair and provide grey coverage as well as conceal roots.

Looking After Your New Hair Color

By keeping up with regular hair maintenance appointments and using the right products you can keep your hair color for as long as possible, speak to your stylist for advice.

Colored Highlights & Lowlights

Add some colored highlights we offer partial, half or a full head of highlights, highlights are the perfect choice if you just want to add a bit of color to your hair. A full head of highlights is perfect if you like to wear your hair in an upstyle, ensuring an even hair color all over. Adding highlights to finer hair can create more volume and holds curl better.

Whether you go bold with large chunky highlights, or soft and subtle, brighten your hair with some highlights, the options are absolutely endless. Speak to your stylist about the best highlights or lowlights to bring your hair color to life.

Sure, blonde highlights are a popular request. But highlights and lowlights are not just for blondes. There are highlights for red hair and brunette hair of all shades.

Coloring Root Regrowth

Covering your root regrowth or those few grey hairs can easily be achieved by one of our professionals, ensuring even color from root to tip. Coloring your roots will leave you feeling younger and more glamorous, make sure you have it colored before it becomes too noticeable.

Your hair color stylist at Detlev Salon will advise you on the perfect hair color and technique to cover your hairline, part line or upper crown.

Corrective Hair Color

Seek professional advice at our Miami Salon if you have a hair color problem. A standalone consultation appointment is required prior to any work being carried out to correct your hair color problem, and priced upon consultation utilizing the HeadMapping Color Menu for pricing. Corrective color may take several visits to correct but our team at Detlev Salon have the skills and expertise to help correct your hair color problem.

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