Seasonal Hair Color: Add some spice

Seasonal Hair Color… Pumpkin Spice & Gingersnap!

If you are a little confused by the title of this article, we understand. It is not everyday you hear about a hair color trend inspired by a latte flavor. Certain times of the year, we are all overwhelmed with pumpkin themed EVERYTHING however this seasonal hair trend just reached a entirely new level.

These two colors are similar but Gingersnap Hair Color has more brunette undertones while Pumpkin Spice Hair Color embraces copper and reds to the fullest.

Gingersnap Hair Color: Coppers, Reds and Browns




The pumpkin spice seasonal color is all about deep and rich hues of copper and red. While gingersnap incorporates brown tones. The goal with both trends though is to achieve a blended, smooth and delicious finish and we are not talking about coffee here! If you truly want to follow the pumpkin spice trend exactly then stay away from browns or chocolate colors. If gingersnap is more your style go with a chocolatey and red finish! The goal in the end is about embracing the seasonal tones that best suit your goals and skin tone. Warming up your hair color is all part of the overall look and trust us, it looks great on just about everyone with this seasonal hair color trend.

In order to achieve this seasonal color trend, balayage is the way to go. This free flowing technique lends itself to the perfectly blended and subtle look. The best part about this trend is that it is customizable. That means you can go all in with deep and sultry reds or you can sprinkle hints of spice all throughout your locks. Just remember that structure is so last year and blending colors is in!

Pumpkin Spice Color: Coppers and Reds


Customization is key especially because we are all different. Depending on your skin tone there are certain variations of this trend that might look better than others. If you have an olive tone coppers and light browns are really suited for you! If your skin is pale deep reds will look stunning against your complexion. This trend is here for the season, so give it a go. We think you’ll love it! Hurry though because winter is just around the corner and time is running out.
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