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If you are a fan of smooth and perfectly blended hair color, the ombre hair technique may be just for you. Thick and bold highlights are out, and ombre hair color is the replacement. Adding strands of light hues back into your hair has never been so chic, but there are a few different ways to embrace the ombre technique.

Ombre Craze

Ombre (the fading of colors from light to dark or dark to light) is by far one of the most popular hair trends these days, and for good reason… ombre looks fabulous on just about anyone. This color trend essentially mimics the natural growth of colored hair, dark at the roots and light at the tips.

There are a few ways to achieve an ombre hair color: balayage and foiling.

Ombre Hair: Brush Technique

Using balayage (or the sweeping technique) to achieve an ombre look has come to be known as bombre. This method uses a brush and allows the colors to slightly mix, blurring the point where the dark color ends and the light color begins. This ombre hair technique is much less structured than the foiling system and gives an effortless and blended result. Try it as a blonde ombre or the sombre…a very subtle ombre.

Ombre Hair: Foil Technique

Once the color is applied, foils hold the color and allows for lighters to work longer, giving the end result a very defined dark to light finish. Because of the longer time for lighteners to work, blonder shades can be achieved on darker hair.

Ombre Hair at Detlev

Although each method offers a slightly different outcome, they are both fabulous! No matter what you choose, we can make sure that your hair color reflects your style. We are the best hair color salon in Coconut Grove, Miami. Book your appointment with us soon. Call us at (305) 448-5750.

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