Hair Tips for Humid Weather

Hair Tips for Humid Weather, Detlev Salon, Miami Beach

At Detlev - Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Miami Beach and Coconut Grove, we know the disastrous effect of Florida weather on your hair, especially the hot moist air of summer. High moisture levels in the air cause straight hair to frizz, your gorgeous curls to droop and your textured locks become untameable! It is possible to coexist with our tropical climate and our Miami Beach Hair Salon would like to share some hair tips for humid weather.

hair tips for humid weatherMoisturize your hair

Conditioning your hair will actually protect your hair from the humidity and eliminate frizz. Dry hair absorbs moisture from the environment. So the drier your hair, the worse the frizzing and flopping of your locks. Make sure you protect your hair and deep condition to nourish the hair, keeping it in great condition. Look for a finishing hair spray that promotes anti-frizz or humidity protection. These sprays work like a conditioner, and add a fine misting of essential oils to nourish the hair and lock out humidity in the air.

aveda-air-dryAir Dry vs. Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair when the weather is hot and humid will dehydrate your hair and that is the last thing you need. After washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, simply rinse with cool water. This will help to close down your hair’s cuticle and seal the pores so that humidity can’t get in and wreck your style. Allow hair to dry naturally and you’ll experience a lot less frizz or curl flopping.

If air drying your hair completely is not an option, towel dry hair and allow it to dry 75% of the way before finishing your style under the dryer. Cutting back on the heat styling tools will certainly help reduce frizz.

Silicone Based Hair Balm

Applying a silicone based hair balm can work wonders in tropical weather. This coats the strands of your hair and helps to seal in natural moisture and prevent tropical weather from interfering. Too much silicone will make your hair feel heavy and lifeless so focus on the ends and the length of the hair shaft or you’ll end up back in the sink! Less is more.

conditionerLeave-in Conditioner

Use a good leave in hair conditioning treatment and use it at least once a week. This will help to restore lost moisture to your locks Go for a product that promotes anti-humectant properties, which means it will help prevent hair from drawing moisture out of the air.

Leave Hair Long

Many women opt for a short hair style when they live in the tropics, thinking shorter hair is easier when battling with humidity. However, the weight of longer hair helps to prevent unwanted puffiness. While shorter hairstyles will curl up in the damp air, lengthy tresses will keep their shape.

Wear Your Hair Up


It’s as simple as it is inexpensive. Make sure you always have a spare hair tie or a couple of clips with you. When all else fails and your hairstyle is defeated by the hot humid air, tie your hair up and get it away from your face.

Hair Care Advice from Detlev

Humidity can cause havoc on your hair style. If you are unsure how to stay looking chic and sleek in a tropical climate or would like more hair tips for humid weather, give our Miami Hair Salon a call for advice. Call our Coconut Grove Salon & Spa on (305) 448-5750 or our Miami Beach Aveda Salon on (305) 534-6789 and have gorgeous hair whatever the weather!

Have your own hair tips for humid weather?

What’s your secret to great looking hair when living in Florida? Share your personal hair tips for humid weather in the comments box!




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