Hair Extensions and how to care for them

Transform your look with Hair Extensions!


Hair extensions add volume & length

Create instant fullness where you want it, add a little length…or add a lot. Detlev Salon in Coconut Grove offers VoMor Hair Extensions, an innovative tape-in system derived from the highest quality Remy human hair. Now, you can wake up in the morning with beautiful long hair.

Book your hair extensions consultation at the best salon in Miami at (305) 534-6789. Our stylists will assess your hair’s texture and condition, and explain how hair extensions could elevate your style.

How to care for your hair extensions

With proper care, your hair extensions will look like new for months! Here are some critical tips.

Brush with Care. Brushing you hair extensions takes patience! With the help of a looped or soft bristle brush, you can successfully keep your hair tangle free! Always detangle the bottom first and work your way up.

Wash with care too. It is imperative to rid your hair of any tangles before shampooing. Use a quality shampoo, and always follow with a conditioner. Hair extensions need to be nourished just like your natural hair! Work in a great leave in conditioner and brush out any remaining tangles to keep them looking fresh and bouncy.

Gentle Blow Drying. Too much heat is never good for anything, let alone your hair extensions! Be sure to use low heat when drying or styling both the bonded areas of your extensions and the lock itself!


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